Pattern matching

In the world of computer programming, there is a concept known as pattern matching.
This technique allows us to take a complex value, such as an array or a variant, and compare it to a set of patterns.
If the value fits a certain pattern, the matching process continues and we can extract specific values from that value.
This is a powerful tool for making our code more readable and efficient,
and in this section we’ll be exploring the different ways that pattern matching can be used in daScript.

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It's not a script

Whats in a name? The sheer fact that I’m writing this post implies a problem.
“It’s not a script” is something we had to say on numerous occasions.

  • Boris ELI5 script?
  • Script is a simple programming langue you write your game logic in. When it gets slow you rewrite it to C++.

daScript is none of the above.

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